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Web technology selection

Web is an environment that is a result of actions on the server side presented to client as web page. There are at least three levels that are involved in presenting this result.

As explained in section Architecture development, this are the core application layers:

Data layer

is actually a database server that stores our portal data or content with some settings. The first choice in our LAMP environment is mySQL 5+ that has proved it self as reliable database server with good support, updates, performance etc.
It is also possible to interact with SQLi, Microsoft SQL, Oracle database or use them as a core database server.
Data layer is an important part of our portal. By making a Well thought-out data organization, we gain on the page performance and save us much of time when upgrading our system.
Database servers provide us with some features in data-handling, performance (caching), administration etc.

Server side or service layer

A core mechanics for creating a web page code that can be viewed with web browser. There is plenty of business logics that can be securely implemented at this layer.
Our main choice is PHP 5+ that is modern object orientated language that enables us to develop advanced applications and core functionality, that are highly isolated, robust, secure...
Much of the security, performance and stability can be gained here:
- following best coding standards and practice
- by implementing some modern coding principles (code design patterns)
- using fast algorithms on the server side
- caching content

Client layer

There is not much choice there. Client side is what we see and experience in our browser. For the sake of SEO issues we use xHTML with css for modern user experience.
It is common today to implement some client logics by client scripting. This we achieve with JavaScript and DOM or Ajax functions. Again we use object orientated approach. We bust functionalities, client logics and user experience by using JavaScript frameworks like Mootools and jQuery.

Eventually, a user experience depends on loading time and can be improved with:
- right xHtml tags (avoiding table tags)
There are some browsers that could present our content differently, should we forget to make proper tests.

SEO features

To be or not to be (visible) at the top of the search.
Web is specific environment where user experience is important, but not as much as content visibility to web robots or web crawlers as Googlebot, yahoo web crawler... It is of great importance that content is index into main search engines.

Well thought-out selection of web technologies is therefore an important issue:
- Flash provides a perfect user experience but is invisible to robots. Still can be used for some web implants
- AJAX - has the same issue. The content simply isn't there, when a robot reads a it. We tend to use this technology with caution to apply it only when suited
- Even all xHtml tags should be used with having SEO in mind

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