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Web design

Our main priority is development of web business applications and a good web design is a part of user friendly application. Having in mind the limitations and demands of our customers there are several possibilities:Unique custom web designthat can be designed according to customer needs by our contract designers or use of existing on-line design*Simple custom web designIs a good solution for simple back-office web applications.* Existing on-line web designThe web is full of existing on-line web designs for variety of existing CMS systems that provide us possibilities for low cost implementation of modern design. But in most cases there is a need for some kind of customization transformation between different CMS templates. We usually do not use on-line free designs.Prices of unique web designs might vary between 1.000€ to 2.500€ and more.All designs must fulfill SEO standards and compatibility with different web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorers versions from 5.5 or 6 and 7, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome..).

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