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Languages we speak

It is somewhat strange. Some people speak for themselves, some to their pets... A developer talks to machines. To stay in good relation with a black box, there is many ways and languages one can use...

Server side Programing:

- PHP 4, 5 - Advanced Object Oriented
- C# or VB.NET 3.5
- VB * sometimes we have to speak to older applications

SOA and Web services

Web services is one of the bases for SOA (service orientated architecture) that can improve your services to customers.

Web service can be used internally (Intranet) or externally (Intranet):
- as data provider for your user applications
- as service provider

It is basically a standard defined by w3c that supports machine to machine operations and are platform independent. Clients can be either web applications, other services, Windows application etc.

PHP Module development

We develop modules for your web 2.0 application or CMS system by using OOP (object orientated techniques) with possible Ajax and other JavaScript functionality with full user experience.

We develop modules for CMS frameworks:

Custom module development

Drupal 6 module development

Joomla module development

or any others

Read more about web applications objectives.

Read more about what is PHP.

Web 2.0 software development

Offshore Software development of LAMP based WEB 2.0 applications for business & general web:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our team is taking a challenge with ever more changing SEO (search engine optimization). Web solutions we develop are based on latest Best Practices and are following close the latest development, methods and tools for improvement of SEO ranking.

Creating web applications is having SEO in mind

As a part of this challenge a part of our team is member of:
Web Analytics Association

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SDLC - Full Software Development Life Cycle support

For our applications we provide full SDLC support. When developing advanced information systems providing all SDLC critical and important phases is essential in achieving our major goal to develop highly effective and scalable applications

- Researching (Requirements Gathering And Analysis),
- Prototyping and Creating a concept,
- Designing and Development,
- Implementing,
- Evaluating,
- Training
- Redesigning and Supporting

Web design

Our main priority is development of web business applications and a good web design is a part of user friendly application.

Software Architecture design

As a result of over 10 years of development business solutions and closely following the specific need of variety of different business (experiences), we have the ability to develop software infrastructure architecture .

Web technology selection

Web is an environment that is a result of actions on the server side presented to client as web page. There are at least three levels that are involved in presenting this result.

As explained in section Architecture development, this are the core application layers:


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